Chiparamba Great Eagles

– One of Zambia’s few well organized football clubs.

Chiparamba Great Eagles (CGE) was founded 1996 in Lusaka, by Lennart Backman and Dan Allback – two devoted football fans and ÖIS supporters – together with Nenani Banda from Zambia. The organization is run as a football academy, aimed towards children and youths (both boys and girls), within the age of 6-18 years old. The academy organizes six practices a week, and has 260 children participating (190 boys and 70 girls). CGE has eight teams that plays in the largest, and most reputable youth league in the country – League “Yathu”.

Football is Zambia’s national sport and is being played all across Lusaka, on clay or gravel fields (grass fields are almost non-existing or limited to the best parts of the country). As one of the most reputable and merited academies in Zambia, the children’s dream in Lusaka is to one day play for CGE. Since being established, CGE has produced a number of players for Zambia’s U17, U20 and the Men’s National Team. When Zambia surprisingly won the African Cup of Nations in 2012, two of the players came from CGE. In addition, CGE has been a reoccurring participant in Gothia Cup (the world largest youth football tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden) since 2000, with two championships under their belt (2004 & 2009).


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